ONLINE 6 week newborn PROP shots workshop March 5th 2018



ONLINE 6 week workshop where I will bring you step by step through every prop shot I love. We will cover how to properly light with strobes or natural light. Editing, workflow. This workshop takes place on my privet forms so you will get to interact with myself and other students. Each week you will get a PDF and detailed video to teach you that weeks pose. Thought the week post your work for feedback from me and fellow students. Then every Friday you will turn in an assignment for detailed feedback from me. Also every Wednesday I will hold a live Q&A to help answer any questions, but really it's a BYOT (bring your own taco) date. Because if you know me we cannot photograph newborns without tacos.. This online workshop will cover the Boss, Taco, Tuishie up, Huck Fin, Snuggle, birdy, backlight birdy, wrapped. Everything you will need to master a entire newborn session in props!